Our Level 2 Crash Course In Wine

Learn Advanced Wine Topics In 3 Hours!

Looking for our Level 1 Crash Course?

We are excited to introduce the Level 2 One Day Express Crash Course in Wine. Level 1 covered the fundamentals of Sparkling, White, Rosé and Red Wines. Level 2 has a more advanced focus.

Besides covering 12 wines on a Saturday afternoon whilst learning all you need to know about them, we are introducing some advanced topics to cover.

Topics will include:

  • An in-depth understanding of Old World vs. New World
    • How a New World Method Traditional stacks up against Champagne
    • How Chenin Blanc was stolen from the Old World and now is a world-class thumper in the New World
    • A look into classic Left Bank & Right Bank Bordeaux compared with New World counterparts
    • A New World Nebbiolo taking on a classic Barolo
  • Understanding Oak
    • French Oak vs. American Oak: what are the differences?
    • American Oak Shiraz tackling a French Oak Syrah
    • Other European Oak & Oak Alternatives
  • Faults in Wine
    • Microbial Faults
      • Corked Taint (TCA)
      • Brettanomyces
    • Oxidation Faults
      • Volatile Acidity
      • Ethyl Acetate
    • Sulphuric Faults
      • Sulphur Dioxide
      • Hydrogen Sulphide
      • Mercaptans

Saturday 22nd August 2020